My must watch “Holding On To You – Concert London – Sananda Maitreya” on YouTube

My favorite live performances of all time.  What’s yours?


Starting the year off with a bang!


Hello & happy new year from moi!

So before we get down to the nitty gritty topics I have vested in my mind for the month, I wanted to vent about the most popular topic of all – seeing as we’re in the new year & all.

New year, new me.

Now, I think we’ve all either, heard someone say that or we’ve said it ourselves. Let’s not lie about it! Except, the truth is, though many would say this – so few actually pursue to do so.  I can’t lie, it really bugs me!

I love waking up for that early morning jog.  This isn’t a “new me” thing I’ve started for the year. This is just me, being me. What I do see after a new year has commenced, are tonnes of people jogging too. Which is good, must I add. It’s always a pleasure to see people acting on their new year’s resolutions! 

It’s just (and I say this respectively) a bummer that so many give up just a few weeks, even days, in. So why are we giving in so easily? Why the locals here so easily distracted from their goals? Are they only running off what they ate over the holidays?

Nobody ever truly “needs” a personal trainer. You need discipline & little bit of self respect. I love having a personal trainer to push me further than I push myself. I don’t however, need him. I have him to remind me what it is I’m working for. Surprisingly enough,  he’s my partner. Nevertheless,  if a healthier me was my resolution… I kid you not, I would succeed.  Personally because I’m just that driven to do so. So it’s made me think.

Why is a “healthier me” type resolution categorized as a joke rather than something actually achievable? 

My new years resolution was to give more. Simple. Straight forward and yet very challenging on my end. Give more to charity, to those less fortunate,  those whom I love and perhaps even those I may not like. 

One thing I love about this new resolution is that it’s a definite doable.  What’s yours?  Some people I know have decided to not take part in the traditional New Years resolutions, which is completely understandable seeing as more than 50% of those who have one fail to commit few days after beginning. For those who have carried on, what’s yours?  I’d love to know! 

And to those who have made 2014 “the year” … I’m proud to say that I have too made this year, my year! Seeing as I am determined to graduate from college in September :-). Hopefully. 

That’s it from me all, have a beautiful weekend ahead!

A different kind of love. The true kind.

So aside from the fact that it’s 2am and I can’t seem to knock out, I opened my laptop and tuned into Facebook.

As soon as the web page loaded, I saw a post that intrigued me, catching my somewhat fatigued attention. Surprisingly enough, it was a status update from Floyd Mayweather. I have read it multiple times. Again, and again. It had been posted a couple days ago & tonight, or today – as I should say, and I honestly have to admit it… It’s hit me. I relate to this on so many different levels, I have fallen asleep thinking about it!

I thought I’d share this with you all. Peace to your mind and or perhaps, food for thought.

“The truth is that the more intimately you know someone, the more clearly you’ll see their flaws. This is why marriages fail,why children are abandoned, why friendships don’t last. You might think you love someone until you see the way they act when they’re out of money or underpressure or hungry. Love is different. Love is choosing to be there unconditionally and accepting all of who they are… Good, bad & ugly. Love is patient and kind. Love is pain and sacrifice. Love is hard yet the very thing that rescues you and gives you life. Love is seeing the darkness in another person but refusing to give up. Love is finding the strength to the defy the odds and fight the impulse to jump ship. Love is the strongest driving force in life.”
~ Floyd Mayweather.

So whether you enjoyed that or cringed, read it a few times. Who do you think of as you read it? I hope that you are smiling right now. Have a beautiful day world.


P.s, Good on you Floyd.

Self-searching for happiness.

When I hear people talk about trying to “find themselves” or finding that ‘peace of mind’ – it makes me wonder. What is ‘finding yourself’? How do you go about finding the person you supposedly already are? I use to think that as humans we are constantly searching for happiness. After a few personal experiences in my life I figured that it doesn’t matter how or where I search for happiness because in all reality, happiness has always been there. I must therefore, choose it. 

A couple years ago, when I decided to give my degree a break (as a result of bullying and “drama”) – I made one of the biggest decisions of my life to move across the ditch to Australia. I traveled back and forth from Melbourne to Sydney trying to, well… “Find myself”. In saying that, at the time, I didn’t really know what it was that I was trying to find. I was only 19 – so really, what is there to find? But all in all, I was literally, trying to find that peace of mind.

You see, everything on my end seemed to slowly crumble. I wasn’t happy – primarily because of the relationship I was in, despite heading into our 4th year anniversary. I had no real friends at College and the only people who knew me where that of those who spoke about me (behind my back). So I thought that if I left, then i’d be escaping all this ‘mess’ – though we all know, that’s not the case. The idea originally was that, a trip to Melbourne was going to be my break; my time away to think – then return with a fresh mindset and be all happy-dandy! 

Long story short – on the day of what should have been my return for our anniversary, I purposely missed my flight back to New Zealand. I rang my parents and told them I couldn’t do it. I attempted to go long distant with my ex – relationship wise – and it failed miserably (not surprised). I decided to stay in Melbourne and made it my temporary home-away-from-home. I worked for several small corporate companies, made new friends and had this somewhat, independent life going on. It was nice. I felt brand new and at peace with myself which I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

I made it my choice because I knew that if I didn’t – I’d be avoiding all my chances of ever truly being ‘happy’ or, experiencing something like this at the very least. Everything that I thought made me before I moved, had soon been forgotten. Months after trial and error in the work-front, re-igniting my passion for art and photography, dating and even experiencing the night-life, I felt like I found myself. I found the girl who is now and still, determined to succeed in the work-front, who passionately loves art and photography, hates the night life and dating scenes (believe it or not) and the same girl who is aspiring to graduate from College with a degree she’s passionate about.

Laugh if you must. This was a pretty major self-discovery. Prior to my move over the ditch, nobody knew it, but for a good year, I left my lectures hours before they had even started simply because my ex-partner never trusted me around any other male counterpart. I stayed home every weekend & found work preferably where there were no guys working in the same office. Believe it or not, this was only the beginning of the list. I’ve composed over 20 songs on my guitar. In those very years, I hadn’t touched my guitar once. Not once. There was never a time I could, literally. 

I missed caring about my education. I missed having a hobbie and job that was totally acceptable. I missed the feeling of falling asleep knowing I’ve blogged a good piece (Which never happened, because I wasn’t allowed to blog either). The feeling of constantly missing something about ME and who I knew I was, became tiring. I slept less and stressed more. 

I’m telling you right now, there is nothing worst than feeling like you’ve lost who you were before you decided to get serious with someone who didn’t make you happy anymore. Nothing worst than realizing that things were so much better when you were you, and you knew you never had to force change upon yourself for the satisfaction of another. I know this because that was me for 2 years. Constantly convincing myself that, where I was, that was as good as it got. My mind became occupied with stressful thoughts. I had absolutely no idea what ‘peace of mind’ was until I ‘found myself’ – how sad is that!

How do you find someone that was always there? Is that even possible? 

I’m back in New Zealand determined to finish this degree of mine. Every now and then, I find myself thinking about the journey I took to get here (well, back here). It’s been overwhelmingly tough but a journey nonetheless. I can’t seem to help but look back in utter disappointment. I can’t lie – I shake my head to it all the time. How could I have been so blind? I lost myself for such a long time it amazes me. I’m now doing things that make my heart smile; I’m playing my guitar, I’m blogging and guess what? I’m attending my lectures for the full hours, thank God. I may not be the same girl. It may not even be possible to go back – but i’m more ‘me’ than I was 2 years ago. 

What I want to know is… Once you’ve found yourself, are you really the ‘same self’ you were, before you were lost? 

I’ve always told myself to think of my mistakes as lessons learnt. My past experiences aren’t full of rainbows and butterflies but they are experiences nonetheless. After flying back and forth from Australia to New Zealand, I realized that not everybody has to leave the country to find themselves like I did. Not all women and or, men have to leave their significant other in order to realize what they’re missing or realize they’re unhappy. I did learn one thing, that if you aren’t happy – know this, it’s not healthy. Do something about it. Maybe not be so dramatic like I was and fleet the country… (let’s be honest). But, do something! Take a risk. Try something new! Whatever you do, don’t ignore your feelings in the faint hope that it’ll fade. 

If there is one thing I could tell those who consider themselves lost, it would be as easy as, go find yourself – in whatever way you interpret that. Whatever ‘being happy’ means to you, keep it. If painting or singing makes you happy, make time for it. You deserve to know yourself and have some sense of peace of mind. You deserve to know what makes your heart smile. We all do. I’d hate to meet someone who has found themselves where I was. 

Are you happy with where you are in life? What makes you happy? If I were to ask you these two simple yet deep questions and you hesitated to respond because your first thoughts were of something negative? Think. 


Some things are better left unsaid, literally.

Short and sweet.

Heading towards the end of another year I’ve realised a few things. Personal, if anything.

Have you ever stared at a photo, place or thing and thought, ‘am I the only one who thinks this is amazing?’ .

I’ve picked up my camera and I’ve starting capturing moments, not people – surprisingly enough, just moments of pure natural resplendence. Nature, landscapes, tiny creatures and even the weather. Whilst pursuing this unknown phase, I’ve come to realise something truly and incredibly life changing. It’s the power of silence.  

I know a few would read this and laugh thinking ‘silence?’. Just hang about and bare with me.

Everything I have, and still, post on my blogs are my own pictures. Taken with my camera, driven by my own simple curiosity. I stare at these landscapes; these flowers and creatures in absolute silence with a mind full of wonder. Seriously – that’s how I work. That’s how ‘it’ works for me. I’ve figured – that’s just how I like my days spent. Admiring my surroundings and capturing these moments. Why?

Well, here’s the thing… I don’t like loud people. I don’t like big crowds of people either. Though I love music, I like silence. I love the power of silence and the complexity of not knowing what’s on one person’s mind. Guess that’s what I’ve picked up from not having any friends at all (which doesn’t actually bother me).  It’d be nice to know someone read this post one day and said “I know exactly how you feel”. Or perhaps that’s just me. But this doesn’t just mean ‘being quiet’. It’s far more than that and In some ways, it excludes those who are overly confident.

This is to say that, some moments are better left unshared and if shared, then shared in silence. Even more so that they are better shared with words unspoken. As humans, we have to admit that we long for that peace of mind. We long for simplicity and silence to just, be. To just – think. Breathe and be. This is what I searched for and found amidst my travels to Australia alone. I found myself. I found what it truly meant to be alone and just what the power of silence could do. We all need silence to bring peace to a troubled heart and combusted mind. Something I’ve figured as a result of all this over-analysing, is that we don’t need to search to find anything. In some ways, it was always there.

When places turn into people you can’t seem to let go.

CameraZOOM-20130323164703858When places turn into people you can't seem to let go.

“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choice-less as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.”
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

It’s been well over a year since I was first introduced to this place. Bethells Beach, just an hour from my new house and a couple minutes from my childhood hometown. I had absolutely no idea this place existed until I was lucky enough to have been the date of a handsome young man – I now call the love of my life. It wasn’t easy. It, meaning us, didn’t happen quickly and it wasn’t easy at all. In fact, it was the hardest ‘thing’ I’ve ever been through and it was this place that kept me going. For 9 whole months after saying my prayers, I fell asleep thinking of this place and the guy I couldn’t seem to let go because we couldn’t be – and so, I waited.

Yes, I waited… 9 long months. It wasn’t easy and at times I faded. I came here only a couple times and after the first, I knew it ought to be my new safe haven. I’m here almost every weekend and every other day I can make it. Most of my photographic shots are taken here from different angels, lenses and cliff-tops. I train here and I’ve found this place to be a second home. My home and place of refuge.

So, what happens when places turn into people? Well, on my end – I just don’t let them go. I never forget moments and I’m always reminded through photos. Most importantly, I never come here alone. This place has deep sentimental meaning where I just don’t feel right coming here without the man who shared this place with me and so we’ve made it a vow to not be here one without the other.

I’ve never expected anyone to understand why or how. I understand that there are people who will frown upon relationships without truly knowing anything about it and that’s fine by me. This place is proof. Proof that relationships alone, like ours, are not built of the opinions of others or expectations as a result of unending trends in such a modern society. It’s also proof that there is nothing wrong with being alone. Nothing like the comfort of the sea, sand and sunset. But for that of those who know how this feels – just imagine a love so strong you couldn’t do something significant without the other. Imagine a place so resplendently beautiful you couldn’t bare seeing it alone.

Rotorua Geothermal Park – Hells Gate

Hells GateRotorua Geothermal Park - Hells Gate

Considered the ‘beast’ of all geothermal parks. I have actually been to Rotorua before though I didn’t get as exclusively close as I did this second time around. Having access to the park alone was a truly amazing experience. There were literally no voices that could be heard other than the exiting of the park due to tourists in the spa baths. Other than that – waterfalls, boiling streams of mud and sulphuric waters are all we could hear, see, touch and smell. Truly an unforgettable experience which made my partner and I both amazed of our surroundings as well as intriguingly aware that this little city could possibly have survived such intense volcanic eruptions. I don’t personally want to exploit my historic knowledge of Rotorua – thus being said, it is definitely a “must see” city for anyone travelling both domestically and internationally. I left this place deeply in love.

@thestaves – Mexico | a peace of mind & my pick of the month.

The Staves

Introducing The Staves

(whilst I sit here working on my own work with University & listening to Winter Trees)

I’ve been following these three beautifully talented girls for a while now through Mahogany Sessions and I can honestly say I have truly melted and drifted away with their album ‘Dead & Born & Grown’. If Mexico puts a smile on your dial, then you will simply love ‘I Try’.

I have personally, never been the type of girl to physically buy an album, I always avoid this – I tend to just listen in online, however – after hearing their voices, their harmony and their lyrics, things all soon changed for me.

Someone once said “you’ll come across that one song that speaks so loudly to you as if it talks directly to you, about you and about your situation no matter what it is” – and indeed, I found that in these three amazingly talented girls.

Take it from me.
Short, simply & sweet – The Staves are an epitome of harmony & lyrical sweetness. I love them & cannot wait to see them live. Yes, that’s a 10 from me & my pick of the month aside from John Butler. You will love their music, their voices & lyrics so to speak, you will immensely love their album.



John Butler

A beautiful piece I thought I’d share with you. Meet John Butler. His song of Ocean which depicts life, loss, love and spirit. My partner Paul and I play this every now and then and it sets the mood for any occasion. If you love pure acoustic sounds, you will love this.

The video itself had been recorded in Australia 2012 in the Compound Studio. The song has been heard and watched over 25 million times and it never fails to amaze me. The most simplistic ways to share words unspoken with chords of a guitar, truly an epitome of beauty.