My weekend wine down

It’s been one hell of a month and no, I haven’t forgotten about my blog at all. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve really just had no time to sit down and neck on with this. In saying that, I’ll give you the run down and then fill you in on my piece of mind regarding some certain current affairs of today!

I’ve finished my first semester of Honors Criminology. It’s been incredibly intense! The semester had it’s ups and downs (more down, than up) but i’ve managed to take the positives with the negatives and make something great out of the two! I’m excited to see what life has in its cards from here on. One more semester then I take on a whole new adventure in Korea! I feel as though my life could be pretty-swell planned. I’m hoping for the best and preparing for the worst! Keeping all thoughts positive and praying daily.

This weekend I’m away with my boss focusing on marketing – the true nitty-gritty of business. We’re currently in the process of getting our business off the ground and running! I’m so incredibly happy of our progress and how far we’ve come! Slowly starting to see business take shape. For those who didn’t know, I co-own a company called My Sister’s Whispers. We can be found online so look out for us! This business means a lot to me. Other than this, things are great. Business is great and we’re pushing through the struggles as all newly established business do!

Life has it’s lemons. No doubt in that. I’ve gone from being the shy and quiet girl to confidently confronting my trials and tribulations head-on. I’m trying. That’s practically all I can say. I’m trying. I miss Melbourne and how independently free I was. Business is great here in Auckland, but life was overwhelmingly… Peaceful back home. I’m not entirely sure where this journey will lead me, or who with – for that matter. I do know, that for the most part, I will be at peace. With my thoughts and with myself.

Keep you in the loop! With love,



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