Winter blues?


Yes, it just so happens, I’m still very alive and well. To my surprise I have been keeping busy and extremely warm! Last time I blogged would have been when things on my end were well and truly starting to get busy. So here’s a quick re-cap of my open book of a lifestyle.

My last semester at University draws to an end with my last two finals to come. I have been spending much of my time studying and training (perhaps, more time training than studying, argh!). I am nervously approaching the work force again, filling my laptop folders with job specific resumes and cover letters. Btw? Why must New Zealand be so incompatibly hard to find work experience? It’s almost as if employers nowadays are dying for experienced employees without actually offering the ‘experience’ to them. Just a thought. Oh! Guess what? A part of my journalistic dream came true this year! I have been invited into the Bachelors of Honours (BA Hons) Programme which commences next year. Quite unsure of where and what it is I’ll do yet – I’ve never really planned my life out to the T and quite frankly, don’t plan too. Apart from my unsociable and lonely life so far, I have discovered that I have an unforgiven addiction to Game of Thrones and Xmen – which I have been watching for hours on ends. 

Winter has finally approached and I am feeling rather excited. There are exactly 11 days to go before my days of being a College student are officially over and from that point on, exactly 106 days till I graduate (September 30th). I can’t exactly say things are looking up when New Zealand’s employment economy is looking rather gloomy for potential graduates like myself. I still persist to dream bigger and work even harder to get there.

So as I suspend my day and turn in for some chocolate, salt and vinegar chips and blogging – expect to see and read some rather hilariously truthful posts!

Adios mi amigo



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