Thought you had it sussed, huh?


I’ve had this draft saved in my folder for eons! I hadn’t found a perfect time to release this.  Since I’m heading towards the end of my undergraduate degree, I figured this would be rather appropriate. Especially since media has recently bombarded society with documentations of students who have faked their graduations. I don’t exactly care to judge them. Let’s be honest, faking your degree is not the worst thing you could do to your family/pairs. I’m not taking sides either. What those girls (Yes, not ladies – but, girls) did was absolutely and hilariously ridiculous. Their entire tertiary education was ridiculously a waste of time and tax payers money. To have even planned it and to ACTUALLY walk and pretend you were graduating was even more ridiculous.
But do you know what else is amazingly & ridiculously hilarious?
People who have their entire life planned.
No, I’m not kidding. They may have done it but it’s literally the least of society’s issues.

It’s pretty hilarious. We live in this society where people are so accustomed to planning their lives out to the T. They’ve planned every little detail about their life before it’s even happened with such confidence it’s amazing. When they’ll graduate, who they’ll marry, the number of children they’ll have, their career and perhaps even the colour of their new home sweet home! The only problem is, these things never really happen.
It’s human nature to plan, it’s also human nature for it to not happen. I don’t plan to graduate and though I know it will happen, if in any circumstances it doesn’t,  I don’t “plan” to fake it either. Shit, if it happens? Good on me! If it doesn’t?  The only plan I’ll be making is to be better. Do better. Graduate the next chance I get.
You meet people in school who tell you their entire life plans A, B and C. A year later they’ve become a mother/father to a baby years before they “planned” to & long before planning to get married or graduating. So much for a plan huh?
The problem is, you think you have time. I’m not sure who said those words exactly, and quite frankly I don’t care. The point is, if you’ve planned your life out to the T, you’ve wasted good time & you’re still most likely wasting it now.
I’m venting solely because I’m at  crossroads with my life. Months away from completing my degree & contemplating my next career move; it all just got real. (Well, not really. It’s been real since I decided to move to Melbourne). Thought I had it all figured out. Truth is, I don’t. I only like to think I do in case It doesn’t all go to plan and it turns into custard instead.

I don’t have a “thing” against dreamers. But planning isn’t dreaming.  Dreaming is dreaming. Think it’s so incredibly fundamental you don’t forget that. Know the difference.

P.s, I have have a tendency to not apologize for telling the truth so please don’t expect it.


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