These Moments


Before you get reading this pointless piece on my mind, I highly recommend you search “These Moments – Antoine Dufour”. Download it. This won’t be the last time you hear it. Listen to it as you read this. Then of course, thank me later.

Letting go. It never meant ‘to forget’. It meant moving forward; refusing to hurt; refusing to wait in vain; to pretend. It’s growing. It’s no longer finding peace of mind; It was always there. Letting go isn’t giving up. It’s rightfully giving in. It’s no longer thinking about winning or losing the fight, it’s knowing that you were always better than to start fighting in the first place. It’s like being the bigger person. We’re humans. We were never suppose look back so much that it keeps us from moving forward. It’s almost as if we’re refusing to live.
I was told, that people who spend their lives chasing happiness like it’s some kinda destination – will never arrive.
Happiness lies behind a door not too far from our conscience. Not too far from our occupied minds. The bad news? There is no real key to happiness. The good news? Well… The door was never locked.
These moments, like the one you’re sharing with this article, are best shared alone. Nothing wrong with letting your mind wonder. I just think it’s time to let go of the past. You no longer live there. If you think you do?  Then leave people of the future alone.  Embrace change; embrace the presence, at least while you have it.

I hope finding closure of your past was worth everything you risked losing in the future. If someone wanted to stay in your life; if it were meant to be – they’d be there & It would be.

Payt ♡


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