Starting the year off with a bang!


Hello & happy new year from moi!

So before we get down to the nitty gritty topics I have vested in my mind for the month, I wanted to vent about the most popular topic of all – seeing as we’re in the new year & all.

New year, new me.

Now, I think we’ve all either, heard someone say that or we’ve said it ourselves. Let’s not lie about it! Except, the truth is, though many would say this – so few actually pursue to do so.  I can’t lie, it really bugs me!

I love waking up for that early morning jog.  This isn’t a “new me” thing I’ve started for the year. This is just me, being me. What I do see after a new year has commenced, are tonnes of people jogging too. Which is good, must I add. It’s always a pleasure to see people acting on their new year’s resolutions! 

It’s just (and I say this respectively) a bummer that so many give up just a few weeks, even days, in. So why are we giving in so easily? Why the locals here so easily distracted from their goals? Are they only running off what they ate over the holidays?

Nobody ever truly “needs” a personal trainer. You need discipline & little bit of self respect. I love having a personal trainer to push me further than I push myself. I don’t however, need him. I have him to remind me what it is I’m working for. Surprisingly enough,  he’s my partner. Nevertheless,  if a healthier me was my resolution… I kid you not, I would succeed.  Personally because I’m just that driven to do so. So it’s made me think.

Why is a “healthier me” type resolution categorized as a joke rather than something actually achievable? 

My new years resolution was to give more. Simple. Straight forward and yet very challenging on my end. Give more to charity, to those less fortunate,  those whom I love and perhaps even those I may not like. 

One thing I love about this new resolution is that it’s a definite doable.  What’s yours?  Some people I know have decided to not take part in the traditional New Years resolutions, which is completely understandable seeing as more than 50% of those who have one fail to commit few days after beginning. For those who have carried on, what’s yours?  I’d love to know! 

And to those who have made 2014 “the year” … I’m proud to say that I have too made this year, my year! Seeing as I am determined to graduate from college in September :-). Hopefully. 

That’s it from me all, have a beautiful weekend ahead!


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