Some things are better left unsaid, literally.

Short and sweet.

Heading towards the end of another year I’ve realised a few things. Personal, if anything.

Have you ever stared at a photo, place or thing and thought, ‘am I the only one who thinks this is amazing?’ .

I’ve picked up my camera and I’ve starting capturing moments, not people – surprisingly enough, just moments of pure natural resplendence. Nature, landscapes, tiny creatures and even the weather. Whilst pursuing this unknown phase, I’ve come to realise something truly and incredibly life changing. It’s the power of silence.  

I know a few would read this and laugh thinking ‘silence?’. Just hang about and bare with me.

Everything I have, and still, post on my blogs are my own pictures. Taken with my camera, driven by my own simple curiosity. I stare at these landscapes; these flowers and creatures in absolute silence with a mind full of wonder. Seriously – that’s how I work. That’s how ‘it’ works for me. I’ve figured – that’s just how I like my days spent. Admiring my surroundings and capturing these moments. Why?

Well, here’s the thing… I don’t like loud people. I don’t like big crowds of people either. Though I love music, I like silence. I love the power of silence and the complexity of not knowing what’s on one person’s mind. Guess that’s what I’ve picked up from not having any friends at all (which doesn’t actually bother me).  It’d be nice to know someone read this post one day and said “I know exactly how you feel”. Or perhaps that’s just me. But this doesn’t just mean ‘being quiet’. It’s far more than that and In some ways, it excludes those who are overly confident.

This is to say that, some moments are better left unshared and if shared, then shared in silence. Even more so that they are better shared with words unspoken. As humans, we have to admit that we long for that peace of mind. We long for simplicity and silence to just, be. To just – think. Breathe and be. This is what I searched for and found amidst my travels to Australia alone. I found myself. I found what it truly meant to be alone and just what the power of silence could do. We all need silence to bring peace to a troubled heart and combusted mind. Something I’ve figured as a result of all this over-analysing, is that we don’t need to search to find anything. In some ways, it was always there.


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