Rotorua Geothermal Park – Hells Gate

Hells GateRotorua Geothermal Park - Hells Gate

Considered the ‘beast’ of all geothermal parks. I have actually been to Rotorua before though I didn’t get as exclusively close as I did this second time around. Having access to the park alone was a truly amazing experience. There were literally no voices that could be heard other than the exiting of the park due to tourists in the spa baths. Other than that – waterfalls, boiling streams of mud and sulphuric waters are all we could hear, see, touch and smell. Truly an unforgettable experience which made my partner and I both amazed of our surroundings as well as intriguingly aware that this little city could possibly have survived such intense volcanic eruptions. I don’t personally want to exploit my historic knowledge of Rotorua – thus being said, it is definitely a “must see” city for anyone travelling both domestically and internationally. I left this place deeply in love.


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