@thestaves – Mexico | a peace of mind & my pick of the month.

The Staveshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYV0Wp0MdZ4

Introducing The Staves

(whilst I sit here working on my own work with University & listening to Winter Trees)

I’ve been following these three beautifully talented girls for a while now through Mahogany Sessions and I can honestly say I have truly melted and drifted away with their album ‘Dead & Born & Grown’. If Mexico puts a smile on your dial, then you will simply love ‘I Try’.

I have personally, never been the type of girl to physically buy an album, I always avoid this – I tend to just listen in online, however – after hearing their voices, their harmony and their lyrics, things all soon changed for me.

Someone once said “you’ll come across that one song that speaks so loudly to you as if it talks directly to you, about you and about your situation no matter what it is” – and indeed, I found that in these three amazingly talented girls.

Take it from me.
Short, simply & sweet – The Staves are an epitome of harmony & lyrical sweetness. I love them & cannot wait to see them live. Yes, that’s a 10 from me & my pick of the month aside from John Butler. You will love their music, their voices & lyrics so to speak, you will immensely love their album.



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